Industry 4.0 ready


Continuous recording of all operating data in the transmission gearbox


Contactless reading in real time via smartphone


Maximum durability


Highest process reliability

Rolog Operation-Logger
Contactless readout via Bluetooth


ROlog (ROMAI Operation Logger) systematically determines and stores operating data from ROMAI gearboxes using sensors, microprocessors and software. Via Bluetooth, the data is transmitted to a smartphone, tablet or directly to the machine control in real time.

The visualisation of the recorded data is done with a suitable, standard smartphone or tablet via NFC (near-field communication) or via Bluetooth using the ROMAI ROlog app. Events and deviations from the freely programmable limits are logged and stored.

Logging of:

  • Maximum and average values for speed
  • Temperature
  • Pulses/impulses in several axes
  • Operating hours

The gearboxes can be used in almost all areas of machining. The corresponding loads caused by load spectra are as varied as the applications. Systematic recording and evaluation make it possible to optimise maintenance cycles and extend service life.

ROlog can be used in most of ROMAI's transmission gearboxes. Contact us about it!