Maintenance, Repairs

Other makes or ROMAI products - we take care of your tools.

Please call +49 7042 83210

For example:

  • Angular heads
  • Multi-spindle heads
  • Driven tools
  • High-speed spindles
  • Tools for machining centres or lathes
  • Standard or special gears



Lubrication remains optimal. Minor damage that could have serious consequences is detected and repaired in good time. With preventive care, you maintain quality and precision in machining. That’s how you can achieve a maximum service life for your gearboxes.

Please contact us. We are also happy to provide maintenance for third-party products! For standard maintenance, we can usually estimate the costs in advance.



Your transmission gearbox is running incorrectly? For example:

  • Precision decreases
  • Surface of the workpiece not as desired
  • Tool runs hot
  • Unusual noises
  • Overload
  • Tool breakage
  • Crash run
  • Obvious damage

Cost estimate

Send us your tool head. After confirmed receipt, our specialists will inspect the gearbox and send you a cost estimate.


Once the order is placed, we carry out the repair and send your tool back to you after a detailed quality check.


Maintenance, Repairs