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Tool heads for machining centres, lathes and other machine tools. For the highest precision, made in Germany.

Winkelkopf für Werkzeugmaschinen

Angular Heads

Machining on machining centres. With fixed or variable angles, with one or more spindles.

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Multi-Spindle Heads

Machining with two or more spindles.

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Driven Tools

Driven Tools

Machining on lathes. With fixed or variable angles, with one or more spindles.

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High-Speed Spindles

Machining with high cutting speeds.

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Machine Components

(Star) turrets and turret drill heads.

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Special Versions

Products and contract manufacturing for any machining tasks.

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Special Versions

ROMAI is the specialist in special tools for machining on machine tools and lathes. Send us your enquiry about transmission gears, no matter what type!

ROlog Production Data Logging

All gearbox parameters at a glance in the app

100% Made in Germany

ROMAI stands for the highest quality and reliability in tool heads.


With exceptional vertical range of manufacture, we design and produce at our location in Vaihingen an der Enz in Baden-Württemberg in the southwest of Germany. Continuous training of our employees and adaptations to our production methods for the latest requirements ensure that you receive the quality you desire.

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Maintenance, Repairs

We take care of your tools - also from third-party manufacturers.


Regular maintenance or repairs of your transmission gears. Just send us your tool!

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November 2022

Angular Heads from ROMAI: Ideal for Machining Bearing Seats

The machining of bearing seats, for example in hydraulic pumps or crankcases, ranks amongst the most demanding tasks of machining. This often has to ensue deep inside the component and allows only very low tolerances. ROMAI offers especially produced (double) angular heads for such machining tasks, for example in order to mill or finish-bore crankshaft passage in engine blocks or bearing seats of axial piston pumps. [...] weiterlesen »

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