Component with a width of under 50 millimetres including side-and-face cuttersAngular Heads from ROMAI: Ideal for Machining Bearing Seats

The machining of bearing seats, for example in hydraulic pumps or crankcases, ranks amongst the most demanding tasks of machining. This often has to ensue deep inside the component and allows only very low tolerances.

ROMAI offers especially produced (double) angular heads for such machining tasks, for example in order to mill or finish-bore crankshaft passage in engine blocks or bearing seats of axial piston pumps.

The special challenge in designing angular heads results from the extremely tight requirements concerning geometric tolerances of bearing shells, parallelism of bearing shell axes, as well as the straightness of a bearing shell or several bearing shells. With radial and axial run-out accuracies of <5 µm, as well as an angular accuracy of the milling adapter of < 10 µm, ROMAI angular heads are an integral part of achieving overall system accuracy. As the necessary stiffness for this is also a question of dimensioning, the tight spaces in the components pose an additional challenge. Furthermore, the design of double angular heads with a milling cutter on each side has to be comparatively slim, as the angular head with the two milling cutters has to be inserted into the housing, which is tight anyway.

ROMAI delivers components with a width of under 50 millimetres including side-and-face cutters. The angular heads are perfectly designed for the individual processing tasks while considering all boundary conditions, such as machine, device and workpiece.