ROMAI Operation LoggerNEW: ROlog - ROMAI Gearboxes for Industry 4.0

With the ROMAI Operation Logger (ROlog), data on the condition of ROMAI gearboxes, such as driven tools or angular heads can be systematically determined, saved and retrieved with the help of sensors, micro-processors and software.

On request, the transfer ensues via a suitable standard smartphone or tablet via a near field communication (NFC) interface and the ROMAI app. Incidents and deviations from the programmable limits are logged and saved. The maximum and average values for speed, temperature, as well as acceleration in several axles and hours of operation are determined and documented.
Therefore, detailed data about the gearbox can be collected and later systematically analysed.

The gearboxes are utilised in almost all areas of machining. The respective stresses due to load spectrums are as diverse as the applications. In the long term, we hope for the optimisation of the durability and maintenance cycles due to the systematic capture of user-related stress parameters and the current state of the gearbox, which is now possible.

As an owner-managed, traditional, medium-sized company, ROMAI is specialised in the development, construction and production of customer-specific precision transmission gears for machine tools. The production of multi-spindle heads, angular heads, driven tools and machine components with a real net output ratio of more than 80 % is the core competence of ROMAI Robert Maier GmbH.