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Romai 1701 Mehrspindelkoepfe

ROMAI Mehrspindelköpfe bearbeiten Hightech-Maschinenkomponenten bei AUTEFA Solutions

Der Einsatz von Mehrspindelköpfen hat in der Regel den Zweck, durch das Ausführen mehrerer Bearbeitungsoperationen in einem Schritt, die Durchlaufzeiten zu reduzieren. Das war auch für AUTEFA Solutions das Ziel bei der Bearbeitung sogenannter Nadelbretter. Die Einhaltung der engen Toleranzen im gesamten Bohrbild der Hightech-Maschinenkomponenten war allerdings eine enorme Herausforderung, die mit speziell ausgelegten Mehrspindelköpfen von ROMAI erfüllt wird.

ROMAI Operation LoggerNEW: ROlog - ROMAI Gearboxes for Industry 4.0

With the ROMAI Operation Logger (ROlog), data on the condition of ROMAI gearboxes, such as driven tools or angular heads can be systematically determined, saved and retrieved with the help of sensors, micro-processors and software.

Component with a width of under 50 millimetres including side-and-face cuttersAngular Heads from ROMAI: Ideal for Machining Bearing Seats

The machining of bearing seats, for example in hydraulic pumps or crankcases, ranks amongst the most demanding tasks of machining. This often has to ensue deep inside the component and allows only very low tolerances.

ROMAI offers especially produced (double) angular heads for such machining tasks, for example in order to mill or finish-bore crankshaft passage in engine blocks or bearing seats of axial piston pumps.

Multi-spindle heads in vertical latheMulti-Spindle Heads save Cycle Time

The rationalisation potential of multi-spindle heads is evident especially with medium to large-scale series. Cycle time savings of 50-90% compared to conventional, sequential production processes are not uncommon.

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