Multi-spindle heads in vertical latheMulti-Spindle Heads save Cycle Time

The rationalisation potential of multi-spindle heads is evident especially with medium to large-scale series. Cycle time savings of 50-90% compared to conventional, sequential production processes are not uncommon.

The general advantage of multi-spindle heads is the combination of several processing operations into one process step. They are ideal for processes such as drilling, reaming or tapping through to milling or brushing operations, as well as combinations of different processes.

Time-saving is a significant argument for using multi-spindle heads. With this, the rationalisation effect is created by shorter primary operation times due to the simultaneous processing with several spindles. But time savings can also be made by avoiding tool change times with sequential processes such as drilling and threading and therefore cycle times significantly reduced.

Multi-spindle heads from ROMAI are perfectly adapted to the planned application and can be used in e.g. lathes, machining centres, large-scale machines, but also conventional drills.

The specifications generally result from the respective component and processing requirements. For the construction and the general spindle and gear design, their very high precision is in the focus, which ROMAI offers with its multi-spindle heads. That means very low position tolerances in the workpiece can be produced with great process reliability. For six decades, customers all over the world have profited from ROMAI multi-spindle heads. They rely on ROMAI as a partner for these core components as the value-for-money and reliability are exactly right.