The next generation

  • Spiral-toothed bevel gear box with new tooth geometry and surface treatments
  • 30-50 % more torque
  • For all machine tools and machining centers
  • For all tool holding systems
  • Drilling, reaming, countersinking, threading, and milling
  • Super or rough finishing up to 10,000 Nm output torque
  • With torque support (DMST), 3- or 4-point support, mechanic/hydraulic boost or firm adaptation
  • Internal and/or external coolant supply with pressures of up to 70 bar (use-oriented of up to 140 bar, more on enquiry)
  • Transmissions and reductions up to 40,000 U/min individually realizable

1. Minimizing the number of tool clampings
2. Reducing the machining time
3. Simplifying elaborate machining processes
4. Reduction of machine downtime periods
5. Machining of otherwise inaccessible parts of the workpiece (internal machining)
6. Cutting costs through complete processing

Versions Overview

Angular head 90° form S Angular head 90° bilateral output form S-2 Angular head 90° set-back output form W
Angular head 90° set-back output form G Angular head fixed angle form F Angular head fine with adjustment form D
Special versions