Der sehr enge Aktionsraum in den Kurbelgehäusen erfordert eine extrem schlanke und lange Bauform des ROMAI-Winkelkopfes.Angular Heads from ROMAI for High-End Quality Machining in Hard-to-Reach Placces

ROMAI has been developing transmission gears in the form of driven tools, angular heads and multi-spindle heads for 60 years. One of the special strengths of the family business is the production of application-specific special solutions. Angular heads which are necessary for processing in places which standard processing machines cannot access are an impressive example for this.

One of the many applications is the machining of pulsation bores or pressure compensation bores, which run laterally in the crankshaft ridge of combustion engines. This kind of machining ranks amongst the most demanding processing steps when manufacturing crankcases. Conventionally, two holes have to be drilled on the crankcases on the front end from both sides, which reach across the entire chain case. In a later process step, these additional holes have to be closed again with plug screws.

The utilisation of an angular head, which has been developed by ROMAI especially for this application, is significantly more efficient. Adapted to the very tight space between the ridges and the cylinder bore, ROMAI, the specialist for transmission heads, has developed an optimised angular head especially for such applications and has already supplied many of them in many different versions to its customers.

With the angular heads from ROMAI, processing time can be reduced to a fraction and the subsequent step of the process can be omitted.