Transmissions which save time

Angular Head for wind energy

Angular heads at SKET

Transmission gears for processing machines in the shape of angular or multi-spindle heads increase the efficiency in component machining. Angular heads enable processing of inaccessible positions and multi-spindle heads reduce machining times through parallel processing within a feed motion. Because of this, SKET in Magdeburg has had ROMAI realize solutions tailored to components and machines for years.

Fixing, turning, fixing again, and aligning steel components for wind energy plants weighing tons in vertical lathes, for example, in order to implement bores and threads from underneath is extremely time-consuming, looking at the extreme component dimensions alone. Although SKET Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH in Magdeburg is equipped to handle large-scale components, an especially designed angular head by ROMAI makes this procedure redundant in serial production. With it, the bores and afterwards the threads can be manufactured in an unchanged clamping position from underneath. In comparison to the previous method of drilling, the angular head saves around three hours of working time for each component and increases machining accuracy in the shape of an improved shape and positional tolerance through working in one setting.

Saving time is also an argument for the use of multi-spindle heads. Here, the rationalization effect is created through reduced machining times, by working on fastening bores on the circumference of the steel components at the same time. The so-called interchangeable rigid multi-spindle heads are designed specifically to applications with a rigid drilling layout and with up to five spindles, as well as with the matching machine adaptations. For this, ROMAI can draw from its extensive experience with realized solutions of two to 252 spindles.

As a medium-sized company, rich in tradition and managed by the owners, ROMAI specializes in the development, construction, and production or customer-specific precision transmission gears for machine tools. Manufacturing multi-spindle heads, angular heads, and driven tools, constitutes the core competence of ROMAI Robert Maier GmbH. Products range from standard to special transmissions, from 1 kilogram to 5,000 kilograms. Long years of experience, advanced technical know-how and short delivery times make ROMAI one of the most sought-after tool-transmission suppliers in all areas of machining – from automotive, to aerospace, to wind energy plants.