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1 Year

1000 Projects

1 Year Bormaster

It has now been one year since ROMAI Robert Maier GmbH acquired the BORMASTER® product range. We have improved a host of details and already completed around 1,000 customer projects in this first year.

Many thanks to our customers for making this possible!

We are pleased to announce that the next stage of further developments to BORMASTER® multispindle and revolver drilling heads and revolver drilling machines is just about to get underway.


ROMAI continues the brand BORMASTER®

BORMASTER® multispindle heads, turret heads and also turrets for drilling machines are international well known for technical excellence. They are used in all areas of machining, e.g. in automotive and aerospace.



Transmissions which save time

Angular Head for wind energy

Angular head at SKET

Transmission gears for processing machines in the shape of angular or multi-spindle heads increase the efficiency in component machining. Angular heads enable processing of inaccessible positions and multi-spindle heads reduce machining times through parallel processing within a feed motion. Because of this, SKET in Magdeburg has had ROMAI realize solutions tailored to components and machines for years.



High-End Technology in Engine Production

Angular heads by ROMAI for Compensating Bores in Crankcases

ROMAI angular heads at BMW

Compensating bores or pulsation holes, as they are called at BMW in Steyr, are bores running laterally in the crankshaft bearings of 6-cylinder gasoline engines. In order to implement these, additional front-end holes would have to be drilled, which afterwards would have to be closed with screw plugs. A specially developed angular head by ROMAI, adapted to the tight space available within the crankcase, as well as to the high cutting forces, and the limitations of the automatical tool changer (atc), makes this effort redundant.



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